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Constituent Information
The City Council President serves as a representative of all Eau Claire citizens within the city limits. Beginning in April 2009, the term of office will be 3 years. Eau Claire is one of only a few cities in Wisconsin that elects the Council President in a general election. In other municipalities members of Council elect the Council President.

For many decades, Eau Claire has been governed with a Council Manager form of government. In this form, the City Council is elected by the population.
They, in turn, hire a City Manager, who is responsible for the administration of the city. The Council oversees the work of the City Manager, evaluates performance and communicates with city staff through the Managerís office.

Eau Claire has 11 Council members. Five members serve as district representatives. The five district boundaries are drawn so that each council member represents the same number of citizens. The other five Council Members and the Council President serve the population at large. This system has served Eau Claire very well, producing a professional and accountable form of local governance.

The responsibilities of the Council President are found in Chapter 2.04 and 2.08 of the City Code of Ordinances. The enumerated duties of the Council President are to preside at all meetings of the Council, maintain order at council sessions, decide points of order and review meeting agendas. The Council President also serves on several Boards, as defined by the various board bylaws. It is also understood that the council President will represent the City at official functions. These may range from ground breaking ceremonies to visits by state and national officers. In this capacity, the President speaks on behalf of the city, with the purpose clearly in mind to emphasize the cityís many assets and advocate for the improvement of the lives of all Eau Claire citizens.
  • Economic Policy Advisory Committee - chair
  • Affirmative Action Committee
  • Plan Commission
  • DECI (Downtown Eau Claire Inc.)
  • Advisory Committee on Appointments - chair
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